Cooper’s Pack Book Series Review (Kindred Spirit Mommy)

“I loved these books and can recommend them for kids ages 3 and up – I don’t even want to put an age limit on them because I enjoyed reading them, too!” –Lindsey from Kindred Spirit Mommy.

Kindred Spirit Mommy reviewed the Cooper’s Pack Children’s Travel Guide series on March 30, 2012.  The favorable review includes comments on Cooper’s London travel book including photos the reviewer supplied along with the following quotes:

-Very much recommended. 🙂

-There are over 100 hidden bones for kids to search for throughout each book – love that feature!

Although the Cooper’s Pack authors have not met Lindsey, they want to express their appreciation for taking a look at Cooper’s books.  Every review helps (thank you!).

For more information about Cooper’s Pack, contact the authors at

See the full book review here:

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