Cooper's Pack Privacy PoloicyPrivacy Policy

Cooper’s Pack Publishing is excited to make your online visit a rewarding and memorable journey. We absolutely respect your privacy and as such, want to clearly describe our privacy policy.

The Cooper’s Pack Official Website may make use of forms for obtaining information, where necessary, for purchasing, providing feedback, and/or website submissions. We do not divulge, trade, sell, or barter any personal information provided on the Cooper’s Pack website (email or form submissions) to a third party. The Cooper’s Pack website uses "cookies" to track where you go or what you do. Our ISP who hosts the Cooper’s Pack website does this to maintain statistics and server traffic reporting. This information is never provided to third parties.

In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, all persons under the age of 13 must have permission from their legal guardian before placing name, email addresses, and/or private information anywhere on the website. For "Cooper Was Here" submissions, we will never list a person’s last name or address and instead follow a strict adherence to the following naming convention:

  • Full First Name
  • First Initial of Last Name
  • City, State, and Country
  • Character’s Full Name
  • Location Picture Taken
  • Date Picture Taken

We request that all "Cooper Was Here" submissions are provided in the above listed format for your security and privacy.

All “Cooper Was Here” submittals via email, message board, guestbook, and/or other means of submission will become the property of Cooper’s Pack Publishing and/or our affiliates.

Any information posted directly to our guestbook, discussions, and/or message boards (where applicable) will be considered public information and may be disclosed to the public. Cooper’s Pack Publishing reserves the right to edit any submissions prior to placement on our website or in any other medium.

Any information emailed to us is considered private and will not be disclosed to any third party without your express consent and permission.

Please contact us via email if you have any specific questions regarding the Cooper’s Pack Official Website Privacy Policy.