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Coopers Pack playground buried bones


Cooper likes to hide buried bones in his books. It may be something out of place, a silly sign or even one of Cooper’s friends in the background.  Each Cooper book has over 100 buried bones hidden within. Can you find them all? Choose your favorite Cooper’s Pack Travel Guide to find Cooper’s Buried Bones by clicking here >>


Cooper's Pack Playground Home Movies


See Cooper’s home movies and travels from around the world, including Elliott the Otter’s film debut.
Watch Cooper’s Home Movies here>>


Coopers Pack Travel Guides playground travel friendsTRAVEL FRIENDS

The next time you take a trip (to the store, to Grandma’s or across the world), take your favorite stuffed animal with you and take pictures like Cooper does.  Learn more here. >>


Coopers Pack Travel Guides playground TwiquetTWIQUET

Official Rules for Cooper’s Twiquet as played in Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides – New York City (2nd Ed). Learn how to play here. >>


Coopers Pack  Currency Game

Test your currency conversion skills.  Whizz Education helped us create this exercise, plus you can see L.L. (from our London book) on a luggage carrousel. How cool is that? Play here. >>



A 2-player card game for travelers of all ages. Cooper loves to play Zambezi Falls while traveling and even at home.  Games are fun and quick, with strategy …and a bit of luck. Learn how to play >>