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Coopers Pack Travel Guides playground toys travel
Who doesn’t love traveling with friends, stuffed or otherwise?
  The next time you take a trip, follow these instructions to begin creating your own traveling stuffed animal memories.

For this activity, Cooper recommends bringing the following items:

  1. Favorite stuffed animal (or two ; )
  2. Camera, preferably with flash
  3. Backpack to carry stuffed animal friend and camera in
  4. Notepad and pen (to document the locations visited and date)

Once you find a perfect location to take a photo of your stuffed animal, following these guidelines to ensure you get a good picture:

STEP 1:  Place your stuffed animal on a surface where they will not fall or blow away.  Yes, Cooper almost blew off the Top of the Rock in New York City…scary!

STEP 2:  Make sure you can see your friend’s face and smile (if they have one).

STEP 3:  It is best to place your traveling friend to the left or right of the picture’s center, so you can capture the background imagery showing the location/landmark/sign/activity.

STEP 4:  When shooting your photographs, do not place the camera too close to your friend or they may be out of focus.

STEP 5:  Take more than one picture in the same location, turning the camera sideways to get additional angles and shots

STEP 6:  Repeat and have fun.  Once you are done with your trip, you’ll have a great story to share with your friends, family and the world.

PRO TIP:  Take a separate picture of a sign that displays the area/road/landmark where you are at.  That way you’ll know where you were, especially if you take lots of pictures like Cooper does.

A few suggestions to remember when traveling:

  • • Have fun and take pictures.
  • • Be courteous and respectful to others.
  • • Be smart and learn about  new cultures.
  • • Make new friends

Have a great time on your trip!  If you take a picture you want to share with the world, send it to Cooper at and he’ll place it on his COOPER WAS HERE page.