Coopers Pack Travel Guides playground twiquet

Coopers Pack Travel Guides playground twiquet official rules
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As played in Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides – New York City (2nd Ed)


What you will need:

  • 1. Large play field (grass preferred but not necessary).
  • 2. Cooper’s Travel Disc (1) per player – color coded or marked.
  • 3. Dry twigs (recommend 18″ or longer about 1/4″ in diameter).

How to set-up the playing field:

  • Place a marker like a large stone or backpack in the center of the determined playing area.
  • While facing north, count off 20 paces and drive a twig about 2” into the ground so it stands by itself. Drive in another twig about 15″ to the side creating a twiquet that faces the middle marker.
  • Repeat three more times, each time starting in a new direction to cover all four cardinal points (north, south, east & west).

Rules of play:

  • 1. Determine the player order by any method recognized by the League of Playground Sportsmanship.
  • 2. Starting from the middle marker while facing north, each player in turn attempts to toss their Travel Disc through each twiquet.
  • 3. A successful twiquet is achieved when a player’s Travel Disc goes through the twiquet in the direction facing away from the center marker.
  • 4. A toss is deemed ended where the Travel Disc first touches the ground.
  • 5. Once a player successfully tosses their Travel Disc through the north twiquet  they continue play in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • 6. When a player makes a twiquet they receive an extra toss.
  • 7. If a player hits the twiquet  causing it to loosen they must fix the twiquet and most return their disc to its previous location. Play continues with next player.
  • 8. If the tossing player’s Travel Disc lands on another player’s Travel Disc then the tossing player may choose to either take another turn or toss the other Travel Disc over their head using the opposite arm they normally use so that the Travel Disc flies up in a vertical orientation. Any other method will deem the toss invalid and the tossing player must return the other player’s Travel Disc to its original location.
  • 9. The winner is the first player to toss their Travel Disc through all the twiquet in the proper order and then successfully hit the middle marker.  (Competition play calls for three rotations of three rounds: Best of Five.)
  • 10. Remember to always clear the twiquet from the playing area after the finish of the game.