Talented, Passionate and Fun Photoshop Graphic Designer Wanted
Cooper’s Pack Publishing is looking for a unique and talented graphic designer or two (Photoshop-required) in the Seattle-metro area who would be interested in joining our team (students encouraged to respond).
We create and publish educational children’s travel guides based on stuffed animals traveling around the world, city-by-city.  As our book series expands, we need to secure a long-term graphic designer/partner who can help produce new releases.  To date, we’ve published New York and London, with Paris coming out soon.  We have six additional books in the queue with the content and story lines ready to go.  This is a part-time/monthly arrangement and can be completed offsite (but within the Seattle area).
The optimal candidate needs to have domain-level knowledge of Adobe Photoshop including working with layers, cutting out subjects/characters and placing them within real-world pictures, image manipulation, and an understanding of print requirements.  This is a detail-oriented project and may also require coloring photos for seasonal differences and accentuating the actual characters (pose, smile, arm movements, etc.). In addition, the ideal person would also have the ability to take still-image digital photos of our characters to capture “poses” that will be placed in the book.  NOTE:  I can work with you taking pictures of the characters if needed.  You should have a sense of humor and silliness.  After all, we are talking about stuffed animals here.  We also encourage editorial commentary to make our books the best possible, including verbiage, humor, and wit.
All content will be reviewed/delivered on our website and via email.  There are no travel costs you will have to worry about.  Each book has a story line to follow, along with sketches for each page, assigned pictures to use as backgrounds, and PSD page templates.
NOTE:  Because of the design requirements, we will only review submittals for talent located within the Seattle-metro area (no out of town, out of this world submissions please…from experience, it simply won’t work).  You need to live in the Seattle area.
Because we are looking for a long-term partner, we would like to keep our initial hourly cost down to a minimum, with preferences for bidding X-amount per 2-page spread (or similar, with X-amount of change requests/additions included).  In exchange for a reasonable hourly rate, we can also offer a percentage-ownership in the book or series once we find the right fit along with recognition in the books, website, and world.  If you have any other compensation ideas, please submit accordingly.  In the end, we want everyone to win and for you to feel like these books are yours too…
NOTE:  All work will be produced “for-hire” and we will own the content.  You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to secure the safety of our business operations and marketing strategies.


Please submit your resume along with answering the following questions in an email to cooperspack@yahoo.com:

  • 1.  Please describe why you would like to work with stuffed animals traveling around the world?  The idea here is that we need to find someone fun, interesting, and with the talent to bring our characters to life.
  • 2.  What are your hourly (or per-page) needs?
  • 3.  Please submit a sample graphic or two (PDF, JPEG, or web link) showing similar work you have completed (with the idea of cutting out and pasting a subject in a real world picture that otherwise wasn’t there…it needs to look real).
  • 4.  Do you have an interest in providing editorial suggestions as part of the work (it’s hard not to and we encourage commentary)?
  • 5.  Which part of town do you live in?
  • 6.  How many hours a month do you have available to provide graphic design services?
  • 7.  Do you have access to a high-speed internet connection (DSL, Cable-Modem, Tully’s, etc.)?
  • 8.  Finally, please write “Seattle Area” in the SUBJECT line of your email so we know you aren’t automatically submitting this from Timbuktu (thank you : )
  • 9.  Please feel free to submit questions or alternate payment options.  We’re open to anything so long as we find the right fit and someone who wants to do this for awhile and not just a week….

Anyone who has seen our books simply loves them.  Words often heard include “brilliant”, “clever”, “educational”, and “fun”.  Basically our book series looks like it will go the distance but we need some help to get them to the next level (there are only so many hours in the day).  We are truly looking for someone who sees how fun this is, who can provide their skills and passion for a reasonable cost (knowing that they could secure long-term ownership), and who know how to communicate via email and in person.  For those who feel like a good fit, let’s meet at your convenience and go through the project and variables.  Thank you for your consideration and be well…
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