Cooper's Pack Scvhool Visits and Special EventsSchool Visits & Special Engagements

Please utilize the following guidelines for school visits and special events.
Most details are negotiable and can be tailored for your specific requirements.

Book sales:
We gladly sign books while onsite. Onsite visits usually include sticker or toy giveaways. Sales are often best handled in advance by a teacher or librarian.
We can provide a brochure for students to take home and help with arrangements for ordering books.

Depending upon quantity it is possible to get a discount that may be either passed on to the students or reserved for your special projects.

Daily fee:

$550-$1000, depending on extent of program and discounted for special circumstances, including events in the Seattle-metro area and pre-sale of books.
Space and/or equipment requirements:
Depends on event details, but may include computer projector and screen; arts and craft materials; large-scale Cooper replica and/or pictures in Cooper’s Mini Cooper car.

Travel costs:
Paid by event host when outside the greater Puget Sound area

Maximum sessions per day (one location): 4 Maximum locations per day: 2, if logistics are feasible.
Please contact Kyle at Cooper’s Pack Publishing to discuss specific dates or areas of interest!